Political Humor

SourGrapes.org    social and political humor

Mefco's Random Joke Server    political jokes and more

The American President    crossword fun

EggVote - The Unpopularity Poll    participatory political humor

Skewpoint    cyber satire

Neowhig - The Smart Party, For Smart People, and you    political party satire

Scorched Earth Party    more political party satire

Infinite Jest Satire: American Crusade Issue    political humor from the left

Politickles.com    political humor from the right

The Political Cliche Site

Moore's Laws of Bureaucracy    not exactly political humor but in the ballpark

World Ideologies With Reference to Cows    political ideology humor

George W. Bush’s Second Term Agenda

Conservatively Incorrect    liberal political humor

The CRETIN Coalition    more liberal political humor

Democratic Party OneMinuteSpeechMaker    conservative political humor

Jim Boren's Washington    poking fun at the Washington bureaucracy

Nobody for President Presidential Campaign

Republicans Are Funny    political humor from the left

JibJab.com    masters of animated political humor

French Jokes    jokes about jokes

You Know You're a Liberal If.......    right minded political humor

Laugh At Liberals    more right minded political humor

Scrappleface    Daily dose of political humor and satire from the right

Who Reads What and Why?  From the boys at Cartalk - topical political humor

The Daily Farce   Political humor and satire from the left

The Onion   They bash everyone - political humor

American Candidate   You too can run for president - political humor

Get Your War On   From the radical anti-war crowd political humor?

Playing Politics   Political Humor Playing Cards

Political Compass   Where do you fall on the political humor spectrum?